About us.

Family-owned Company
Berrigarden is a family-owned company, valuing the quality of our products, and the close relationships with our customers and suppliers. Berrigarden was established in 2013 based on more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Our production is organized to optimize the relationship between product quality, customer needs, and ecological-friendliness. This optimal workflow results in the best, highest quality products at competitive prices, with the least environmental impact.

Environmental Awareness and Quality in our Production
Berrigarden is headquartered in Lutheran, Lübz strategically located between Hamburg and Berlin. We produce and treat both organic and conventional dried fruits and fruit pastes.
Berrigarden´s primary focus is to deliver products of absolute highest quality. Berrigarden places high demands on all parts of our supply chain and is committed to reducing CO2 emissions. As a natural part of this, we only use eco-electricity. In cooperation with our partners, we prioritize optimization of processing and the raw materials included in the product. We deliver only the best, in terms of taste and quality. Additionally, we collaborate with selected universities, research centers, farmers and nursery schools.
We are proud that Berrigarden is today a supplier to several leading manufacturers. Our products are used for a variety of high-profile foods primarily in Europe. Typically, applications for our fruit pastes are bars/ball, bakery filling, confectionary, granola, muesli or natural sweetener.

Contact us today
If you would like to hear more about our products, please feel free to contact us via email or fax. If you have special requests for a product to meet your specification, we would like to offer you our expertise. We specialize in tailor-made solutions and gladly join in a product development process to find the right product.

  • 40 years in the business
  • Two generations working together
  • Fruit from all over the world
  • Comprehensive supplier network
  • Specialize in organic products
  • Supplying to leading food producers

  • Headquartered in Germany
  • Production in Germany
  • FSSC 22000

You can rely on us.