Raspberry paste.

Extraordinarily delicious…

All fruits are by nature lovely and in demand for their unique properties. Some are sweet, others are sour. All fruits contribute with something; however, raspberries are very special. They have another dimension. Raspberries are sweet, but at the same time add a freshness and a pleasant sour twist to everything they are mixed with. This is also the case with raspberry paste. It is soft, delicious, and incredibly tasty: Sweet, sour, and fresh. The raspberry paste is manufactured at our factory in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. Fruit paste is produced almost exclusively at this factory, which specializes in the processing of dried fruit. We have great expertise, and when it comes to raspberries, we have of course taken all precautions to be able to guarantee the microbiological quality as well.


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  • Raspberries are a source of dietary fiber. Raspberries are a good source of vitamin E, C and B vitamins folate. Raspberries also have a high content of the mineral potassium. Raspberries contain ketones and anthocyanins, which can boost your metabolism and strengthen your immune system.

Deliciously beautiful

  • Raspberries have been collected and grown for centuries. Most have been eaten as fresh fruit, but in the Middle Ages the color intensive juice was also used by artists for paintings and decoration.

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