Raisin paste.

Sweet and soft

Raisins are produced in many places around the world. The size, taste, and color depend on the variety. The process is consisting of several steps being crucial to get the quality of the finished raisin. Grapes contain more than 80% water and raisins only about 15%. At the same time, the drying process must be fast and gentle to ensure the consistency but also to safeguard that color and taste are preserved in the best way.

Our raisin paste is produced from Sultana raisins. We have chosen seedless Sultanas being soft, sweet, and spicy. Thus very suitable for our making of raisin paste. We source the raisins from carefully selected suppliers to ensuring our raw material always meets the very highest standard in every aspect.

The Sultanas are processed into raisin paste at our factory in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.


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  • Raisins are considered being healthy sweets as they contain good nutrients like potassium, vitamin C and iron.

Did you know?

  • The term raisin is an old French word meaning “grape”. Originally it comes from the Latin word "racemus", which means a bunch of grapes.

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