Date paste.

Delicious as ever…

Date paste is a very popular raw material or ingredient. There are many applications ranging from being a luxury product in itself to an ingredient adding natural sweetness to a product. Dates are grown primarily in the Middle East and North Africa for thousands of years. There are several varieties. Our many years of experience and insight have enabled us to select primarily two superior varieties that cover most requirements. We are using the best quality dates of each variety, carefully selected, and imported directly from our reliable GFSI certified partners. These dates are processed according to our unique techniques ensuring we reach the end quality required by our clients. Our date pastes are 100 % natural, a good source of energy, high on fibers and free from additives, coloring, and no added sugar.

Choose between varieties








Deglet Nour


Being called ”Queen of dates” Deglet Nour is considered one of the most prestigious dates varieties. Sweet and honey-like taste. Soft.

Brown to honey


Excellent for bars, delicatessen, and luxury



Full-bodied and nice taste. Typically dates. Less sweet. Firm.

Dark brown


Perfect as an ingredient or filling


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  • Dates have a high content of minerals such as phosphorus, iron and magnesium and vitamin B6. The type of dietary fiber found in dates is insoluble, making them good for the digestive system.

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